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Advanced C Programming

This practical 3 day course is designed to give programmers using C a better understanding of the language. It is targeted at developers who are using C in their day to day work and wish to increase their knowledge of the features available. There are exercises throughout the course to assist understanding of the subjects covered.

The syllabus is designed for C programmers who have at least 6 months experience of coding in ISOC. Attendees should have a good understanding of aggregate data types (structures/unions/arrays), use of pointers, dynamic memory allocation using malloc and free, functions(pass by reference/pass by value).

Programmers who are using C in their day to day work and wish to increase their knowledge of the features available.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 12:1

By the end of the course, the delegates will be able, with the aid of course notes to:

Use advanced library functions such as qsort and bsearch.

Program using advanced pointer techniques.

Code programs using pointers to functions.

Edit Input Messages using IPRSE.

Process multi-dimensional arrays.

Course Outline


Review of current C knowledge


Multidimensional Arrays
Pointers and Arrays
Arrays and Functions


Building Assembler Programs into a DLM.
Compiler Options and their effect
Understanding Linkage and the DLM Map.

Dynamic Data Structures

Link Lists - Overview
Declaring structures for Link Lists
Adding and deleting Link List items
Dynamically Sized Arrays


Void pointers explained
Pointers to pointers


Pass by Reference reviewed
Functions and pointers to pointers
Using Pointers to Functions
Arrays of Pointers to Functions


Using argv and argc
Processing parameters

Input Messages 

IPRSE - an input message editor
Using Grammars

Built in Functions

Sorting data using qsort( )
Searching using bsearch( )


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