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Building a long term relationship with our customers is important to us. Training courses have been completed for a range of customers including:

Aer Lingus
Amadeus (London, Erding & Sydney)
American Express
British Airways
Galileo (
Infosys (
Lufthansa Systems, Indonesia
Marriott Hotels
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways
United Airlines
Visa International (
UK, USA, India)

Below are some of the comments received from our valued clients.

Suzanne Pullen, Training Manager, Amadeus Services Limited, London

PCS Training consistently delivers training of an excellent quality.  After a course I am confident that our trainees have been fully equipped to use their newly acquired skills immediately on Amadeus's systems and applications.  Paul Stuyvesant is highly respected within Amadeus as an expert and reliable trainer who always seeks to meet our requirements in full.

Steve Spence, Galileo EMEA, UK

PCS Training provided Galileo with classes for Programming ISOC for C and coding TPFDF using C. The content was relevant to our environment, the presentations were of excellent quality, the handouts were comprehensive and the exercises all reinforced the learning experience. Paul's comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the subject enabled him to answer all our questions.

Laurent SANNIER, TPF Coverage Manager, SNCF, France

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that for the last 3 years we have entrusted Paul with the training of our staff in both Assembler programming and the basics of TPF. Thanks to his experience of the TPF environment and his ability as an instructor the training courses have proceeded with the greatest of interest from all the participants. Added to that the excellent human touch which characterizes Paul, and I can only thoroughly recommend his services.

Gisele Cinquini, Manager, Amadeus Services Limited, London

During the last 6 months PCS Training has completed Assembler/TPF Refresher, C for TPF, C for TPFDF and TPF 4.1 Dump Analysis Classes for staff based at Amadeus Services London. The training has been of a high quality, professionally presented and well received by the attendees. We have already booked Paul for further classes later in the year.

Senior TPF Manager, UK

Thank you very much for the recent C Dump Class, the feedback from my staff was extremely positive, so I thought it worth spending the time to share it with you.

Content - Excellent
The course taught much more than how to handle dumps in C. The thoroughness of your approach ensured that people learnt a great deal on the workings of C, and these are learnings that they will apply in their development work, and that will add value

Materials - Excellent
It was clear that you had done a great deal of preparation, and the result was a course with no 'glitches', all examples worked effectively and backed up the material that was being presented.

Presentation - Excellent
VERY knowledgeable instructor. This was the strongest message from the feedback .. everyone felt that you really knew what you were talking about .. and, most critically, knew how to make it relevant to our development environment.

Thank you again, and we look forward to using your services again in the future.

Holger Reinhard, Training Co-ordinator, Amadeus GMBH, Erding, Germany

PCS Training has completed a large number of classes for Amadeus GMBH in Erding over the last 2 years including Assembler/TPF Introduction, ISOC Classes, Dump Analysis and Operators Overview. The quality of the training has been excellent with students regularly commenting on the quality of the instruction and the course handouts. by Cold Blaze Design 2000. All rights reserved.